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Sleep on it

The very nature of our jobs in emergency services dictates that at some point in our careers we will be sleep deprived; especially if you work in a busier system with high call volume. The trick to being sleep deprived and not being a zombie comes in optimizing your sleep. For those that unfamiliar with sleep optimization there are a ...

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Pediatric Airway Challenges

Paramedics and EMT’s all know that pediatric airways can be challenging when they are easy; we also know that 99% of all pediatric patients arrest due to the loss of an open airway. The following video is a talk that was given by Dr. Brent Myers of Wake County North Carolina. In this lecture he discusses some of the challenges ...

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Ottawa Rules

Knee and ankle injuries are something the we as EMS providers deal with on a fairly regular basis and determining whether or not a patient needs imaging can be tough.  So what do you do? Load the patient in the ambulance and take them to the hospital for exam and treatment by a physician. The patient gets an X-RAY, a ...

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