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Good Directions

Since the founding of FDC Training I have had the great fortune of meeting many excellent people that I consider more than just colleagues, I consider them brothers. Chris Hebert and Dave Ianonne; I wouldn’t have been able to get this concept up and running had it not been for the two of you. You two were key players in ...

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Stay Sharp

Stay Sharp Four ways to beat the retired on duty attitude A culture/attitude of retired on duty is gaining prominence in the fire service. Once you’re on the job with a little experience under your belt you start doing just the bare minimum to stay proficient and be somewhat decent at your job. Attitudes like this are killing the fire ...

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Lead From The Front

I had promised the second part of the flex nutrition article this week but it is still being polished in an effort to make sure the information is accurate.; so I am posting some thoughts on leadership that are important. Lead From The Front, Not The Back 3 Ways to be a better leader not a boss By: George McNeil, ...

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Leaders and Bosses

Too many people in positions of leadership fall into the trap of thinking that their main priority and responsibility is to their battalion chief; department, upper command staff or governing body.

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