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Sleep on it

The very nature of our jobs in emergency services dictates that at some point in our careers we will be sleep deprived; especially if you work in a busier system with high call volume. The trick to being sleep deprived and not being a zombie comes in optimizing your sleep. For those that unfamiliar with sleep optimization there are a ...

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Flex Nutrition 3: A refresher

By: George McNeil, BS, NR-P, LP, ISO Firefighters traditionally have not had the best nutrition and consequently our physical health has suffered because of it. The numbers alone prove that our physical well being has suffered due to a lack of proper nutrition. Statistically, 50% of all line of duty deaths every year are caused by heart disease. While nutrition can’t ...

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Firefighter Health and Wellness: The Leadership Factor

  By: Dan Kerrigan There are no valid excuses for avoiding firefighter health and wellness. None. Whether the subject is medical evaluations, physical fitness, behavioral health, or overall nutrition and lifestyle, I have yet to meet anyone that could convince me that health and wellness not a vital yet often overlooked risk reduction component in our profession – one that ...

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Flex nutrition part 2

Two weeks ago we touched on flex nutrition and the different types of fuel the body needs to function. Nutrition is very important for firefighters because roughly fifty percent of all the line of duty deaths every year are attributed to heart disease. The answer to this nutrition quandary is flexible dieting and it’s based on the simple principle that ...

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Flex Nutrition & My Story

Flexible Dieting What is it? and Why does it work for first responders? Part 1 By: George McNeil, BS, NR-P, ISO Struggling to lose weight? Trying to pack some muscle on? Trying to get stronger and stay lean at the same time? The unpredictable nature of our chosen profession can sometimes make it hard to eat right and achieve these ...

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