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I am working through the process of obtaining my personal trainer and a nutrition certification so I pose a question tonight. Who would be interested in personalized workout programming and nutrition coaching?! Please comment and let me know!

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Flex Nutrition & My Story

Flexible Dieting What is it? and Why does it work for first responders? Part 1 By: George McNeil, BS, NR-P, ISO Struggling to lose weight? Trying to pack some muscle on? Trying to get stronger and stay lean at the same time? The unpredictable nature of our chosen profession can sometimes make it hard to eat right and achieve these ...

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Engine Ops 101

For those that are studying for the engineers test; heres a cheat sheet with the different hose line sizes and coefficients you’ll need to figure your stuff out.

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Pediatric Airway Challenges

Paramedics and EMT’s all know that pediatric airways can be challenging when they are easy; we also know that 99% of all pediatric patients arrest due to the loss of an open airway. The following video is a talk that was given by Dr. Brent Myers of Wake County North Carolina. In this lecture he discusses some of the challenges ...

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Truckie 101

Vertical ventilation can make a huge difference on a fire when properly performed. Heres a quick video from San Bernardino County Fire Department that shows just how beneficial it can be.

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